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Melinda Bell's Portfolio
Classroom Management Plan

My Classroom Management Plan


            My classroom management plan is an eclectic mix of many different methods of management.  Some of the plans that are involved are Judicial Discipline, Choice Theory, and many more.  The main goal is to promote respect for everyone and help students succeed.  The policies and procedures of the school district will be enforced as well as specific classroom policies and procedures, which coincide with the school district's.  Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and be active learners.  Classroom participation is a crucial part of learning and is encouraged.  Students are expected to abide by the rules set forth and help make the classroom a positive environment.

            Student involvement is an important part of classroom management.  In order to make students feel as though they have a say in classroom policies, on the first day of class, the students will listen to a teacher generated list of rules and regulations, but be allowed to share their opinion and recreate the list.  The teacher will have the final say about the list so that there is consistency among the classes, but it will allow students to be involved and understand the rules and regulations better.  The class will start off with the following rules: Raise your hand if you wish to speak and do not speak if anybody else is talking.  Be polite and respectful to everyone and everything in the classroom.  Be prepared for class every day.  Come to class with a positive attitude, and make sure you are on task during class.  Always give 100% during class, and if you have a question, ask!

            The students will then help come up with consequences if somebody violates the rules.  The consequences will correspond with the behavior; such as, if students are speaking while somebody else is speaking, they will first receive a warning.  If they continue to speak, they will be moved to another location in the room, and if that does not work, they will receive a detention.  If students are not being respectful, they will receive a warning and then be issued a detention. The first offense for a student not prepared for class is that they must borrow from or share with another student, and they will have 2 points subtracted from their grade.  The second offense will result in another 2-point deduction, as well as detention.   If students are not on task, they will first be given a warning.  The second time, they will lose 2 points from their final grade, and a third time, they will be given a detention.  For more serious offenses, such as harassment of another student, the student will be given an automatic detention and be sent to the office to be dealt with by the principal.  Cheating will not be tolerated, and if a student is caught cheating, their test will be ripped up and thrown in the garbage.  The student will also receive a detention.  Students are required to use hall passes when leaving the class during the period.  If any student is caught abusing this right, it will result in suspension of the hall pass privilege. 

            In order to help class run smoothly, a list of daily classroom procedures will be posted in the classroom.  The procedure will address things such as attendance.  Students are expected to be on time for class, and to be in class unless they have a school authorized reason.  If students do miss class, they are expected to turn in the homework the next day they are back, and also make up any quizzes or tests they missed within 3 days of the absence.  Students are required to sign out if they must leave the classroom during the class period for any reason.  They must first obtain the permission of the teacher in order to sign out.

            Students who stay on task and successfully fulfill all the assignments of the day and have extra time will be allowed to work on homework, use class related computer software programs or study for a test.  They may also work on teacher supplied activity sheets for extra credit or read silently.  If a student abuses this privilege, they will not be allowed to use extra time in a way that they choose. 

            Students will have the opportunity to receive extra credit points if they follow the expectations of the teacher or go beyond the expectations.  Homework will be checked at the beginning of each class.  If students have their homework completed, they will receive a plus; if they do not have their homework completed, they will receive a minus.  Also, homework will be graded at random throughout the year.  The total points for homework will total 100.  At the end of the year, any student who had his or her homework every time will receive 15 bonus points.  If a student only forgot their homework once or twice, they will receive 10 bonus points.  If a student is absent, their homework will be due the following day.   Notebooks will also be graded.  Students are expected to keep a notebook with sections for handouts, homework and worksheets.  Notebooks will be collected and graded during the last week of school and randomly checked throughout the year.  If a student does not have their notebook with them or does not hand in their notebook for grading on the day it is due, they will be dropped one letter grade.  If the notebook is not handed in at all, the student will receive a 0.  Students who have a notebook that is neat and well organized will receive bonus points towards their final grade. 

            Classroom safety is extremely important and will follow the guidelines set forth by the school district.  When the fire alarm rings, students are expected to leave the classroom in an orderly fashion and walk to the designated exit.  The class will meet together outside and attendance will be taken.  Any other severe weather procedures will also follow the guidelines set forth by the school.  Students are expected to keep their bookbags either in their locker or under their desk.  If it is obstructing the isles, the student will be required to move it.  Any disruptive or potentially hazardous behavior displayed in the classroom will be promptly dealt with and corrective actions will be taken.

The classroom will be set up in a way that allows for ample teacher interaction with the students.  The students will be seated in a half circle and seated in alphabetical order.  Seating arrangements will change every marking period.  Students who demonstrate responsible behavior will have the option of choosing their seat.  Students who are disruptive and irresponsible will not have this option.  Students are not allowed to change seats or move the furniture without permission.  All classroom supplies will be stored in the back of the classroom and only accessible when approved by the teacher. 

            Students are expected to be active in the classroom and be involved in matters that involve the class.  Everyone in the class will agree upon the rules and regulations, and will be held to the same standard when it comes to the rules.  Students will have the right to discuss their punishment and explain or justify any behavior that may have gotten them in trouble, but the final decision is the teacher's.  The classroom is expected to be a safe, non-threatening place for everybody to be able to learn.