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Melinda Bell's Portfolio
Lesson Plan for Decade Day

Decade Day

Melinda Bell

June 2, 2006

Period 1 and 2

Rm. 316


Course: US History 11

Unit: Overview

Lesson Length: 3 days

Lesson Topic: Decade Day


Background of the Class: This is a Standard United States History Class that consists of 24 students.  There are a few students who are taking this class for a second time.  In general, the students are on task and focused.  A handful of students have a tendency to lose focus throughout the class and become slightly disruptive.  About half of the class will actively participate and the rest will respond positively when called upon.



  1. Students will research economic, social, and political events that took place during the United States during the 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s and present that information to the class.   

Lesson Background: The class has covered various events and incidents throughout all the decades.  This is a culminating activity.



  • Computers (Library research)
  • LCD Projector (Powerpoint presentations)

Instructional Procedure: Students will be required to create a visual aid (poster, powerpoint, tri-fold, etc).  Students will also be required to dress in the style from the decade, learn and teach/demonstrate a dance and game from their decade.


Lesson: (3 days)

Day 1 (Wed. May 24th)

  1. Library research

Day 2 (Thur. June 1st)

  1. Students will present their visual aids in class

Day 3 (Friday June 2nd)

  1. Students will demonstrate their dance, fashion and game

Formative Assessment:

  1. Class Participation
  2. Visual Aid
  3. Presentations

Summative Assessment:

  1. Unit assessment upon completion of the Unit