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Zuckerman Sensation Seeking Scale

Motivation and Emotion

Zuckerman’s Sensation Seeking Survey

Each of the items below contains two choices, A and B.  Please indicate which of the choices most describes your likes or the way you feel.  In some cases you may find items in which both choices describe your likes or feelings.  In some cases you may find items in which you do not like either choice.  In these cases mark the choice you dislike the least.  Do not leave any items blank.

1. A.  I dislike the sensations one gets when flying.
    B.  I enjoy many of the rides in amusement parks

2. A.   I would like a job which would require a lot of traveling.
    B.  I would prefer a job in one location.

3.  A.  I would like to hitchhike across the country.
     B.  Hitchhiking is too dangerous a way to travel.

4.  A.  I do not find gambling worth the risk.
B.  I like to gamble for money.

5.  A.  I can't wait to get indoors on a cold day.
     B.  I am invigorated by a brisk, cold day.

6.  A.  I like "wild" uninhibited parties.
     B.  I prefer quiet parties with good conversation.

7.  A.  I can't stand watching a movie that I have seen before.
    B.  There are some movies I enjoy seeing a second or even a third time.

8.  A.  Using "four letter words" in public is vulgar and inconsiderate of the feelings of others.
     B.  I sometimes use "four letter words" to express my feelings or to shock someone.

9.  A.  I find a certain pleasure in routine kinds of work.
     B.  Although it is sometimes necessary, I usually dislike routine kinds of work.

10.  A.  I often wish I could be a mountain climber.
       B.  I can't understand people who risk their necks climbing mountains.

11.   A.  I dislike all body odors.
        B.  I like some of the earthy body smells.

12.   A.  I get bored seeing the same old faces.
        B.  I like the comfortable familiarity of everyday friends

13.   A.  I like to dress in unusual styles.
        B.  I tend to dress conservatively.

14.   A.  I am only interested in traveling to civilized parts of the world.
        B.  I would like to travel to strange, out of the way places like the Upper Amazon or Antarctica.

15.   A.  I like to explore a strange city or section of town by myself, even if it means getting lost.
        B.  I prefer a guide when I am in a place I don't know well.

16.   A.  I dislike people who do or say things just to shock or upset others.
        B.  When you can predict almost everything a person will do and say he or she must be a bore.

17.   A.  I usually don't enjoy a movie or play where I can predict what will happen in advance.
        B.  I don't mind watching a movie or play where I can predict what will happen in advance.

18.   A.  I have tried drugs or would like to.
        B.  I have never tried drugs.

19.  A.  I would not like to try any drug which might produce strange and dangerous effects on me.
        B.  I would like to try some of the new drugs that produce hallucinations.

20.   A.  I would prefer living in an ideal society where everyone is safe, secure, and happy.
        B.  I would have preferred living in the unsettled days of our history.

21.   A.  A sensible person avoids activities that are dangerous.
        B.  I sometimes like to do things that are a little dangerous.

22.   A.  I dislike the company of people who are promiscuous
        B.  I enjoy the company of people who are promiscuous.

23.   A.  I find that stimulants make me uncomfortable.
        B.  I often like to get high

24.   A.  A person should change jobs from time to time simply to avoid getting into a rut.
        B.  A person should find a job which is fairly satisfying to him/her and stick with it.

25.   A.  I order the dishes with which I am familiar, so as to avoid disappointment and unpleasantness.
        B.  I like to try new food that I have never tasted before.

26.   A.  In a good relationship, people never get bored with each other.
        B.  It is normal to get bored after a time with the same person.

27.   A.  I enjoy looking at home movies or travel slides.
        B.  Looking at someone’s home movies or travel slides bores me tremendously.

28.   A.  I like to try new brands on the chance of finding something different or better.
        B.  I stick to the brands I know are reliable.

29.   A.  I would like to take up the sport of water-skiing.
        B.  I would not like to take up water-skiing.

30.   A.  Most adultery happens because of sheer boredom.
        B.  Adultery is almost always a sign of a marriage in need of help.

31.   A.  I would like to try surf-boarding.
        B.  I would not like to try surf-boarding.

32.   A.  I find people who disagree with my beliefs more stimulating than people who agree with                me.
        B.  I don't like to argue with people whose beliefs are sharply divergent from mine, since such                  arguments are never resolved.

33.  A.  I would like to take off on a trip with no pre-planned or definite routes or timetables.
        B.  When I go on a trip, I like to plan my route and timetable fairly carefully.

34.   A.  I prefer the "down-to-earth" kinds of people as friends.
        B.  I would like to make friends in some of the "far-out" groups like artists or "hippies"

35.   A.  I would not like to learn to fly an airplane
        B.  I would like to learn to fly an airplane.

36.   A.  Most beards are unsightly.
        B.  I like to see men wearing beards.

37.   A.  I would like to go scuba diving.
        B.  I prefer the surface of the water to the depths.

38.  A.  I would like to meet some person who is liberal or has a different type of lifestyle.
        B.  I stay away from anyone who has any different type of lifestyle than I do.

39.  A.  I prefer modern jazz or classical music to more popular or light classical music.
        B.  I prefer popular or light classical music to modern jazz or classical music.

40.  A.  I like to drive in open convertibles.
        B.  I do not like to drive in open convertibles.

41.  A.  I would like to have the experience of being hypnotized.
        B.  I would not like to be hypnotized.

42.  A.  The most important goal of life is to live it to the fullest and experience as much of it as you can.
        B.  The most important goal of life is to find peace and happiness.

43.  A.  I would like to try parachute jumping.
        B.  I would never want to try jumping out of a plane with or without a parachute.

44.  A.  I enter cold water gradually giving myself time to get used to it.
        B.  I like to dive or jump right into the ocean or cold pool.

45.  A.  I do not like the irregularity and discord of most modern music.
        B.  I like to listen to new and unusual kinds of music.

46.  A.  I prefer friends who are exciting and unpredictable.
        B.  I prefer friends who are reliable and predictable.

47.  A.  I am interested in experience for its own sake.
      B.  I like to have new and exciting experience and sensations even if they are a little frightening,
unconventional or illegal.

48.  A.  When I go on a vacation I prefer the comfort of a good room and bed.
        B.  When I go on a vacation I would prefer the change of camping out.

49.  A.  When I go in an ocean or lake I like to stay close to shore.
        B.  Sometimes I like to swim far out from the shore.

50.  A.  I often enjoy flaunting irrational authority.
        B.  I am generally respectful of lawful authority.

51.  A.  The essence of good art is in its clarity, symmetry of form and harmony of colors.
        B.  I often find beauty in the "clashing" colors and irregular forms of modern paintings.

52.  A.   I enjoy spending time in the familiar surrounding of home.
        B.  I get very restless if I have to stay around home for any length of time.

53.  A.  I like to dive off the high board.
        B.  I don't like the feeling I get standing on the high board (or I don't go near it at all).

54.  A.  I like to date individuals who are physically exciting.
        B.  I like to date individuals who share my same values.

55.   A.  Heavy drinking usually ruins a party because some people get loud and boisterous.
        B.  Keeping the drinks full is the key to a good party.

56.  A.  I sometimes like to do "crazy" things just to see the effects on others.
        B.  I almost always behave in normal ways.   I am not interested in shocking or upsetting others.

57.  A.  The worst social sin is to be rude.
        B.  The worst social sin is to be a bore.

58.  A.  I look forward to a good night of rest after a long day.

B.  I wish I didn't have to waste so much of a day sleeping.

59.  A.  A person should have considerable dating experience before marriage.
B.  It is better to limit dating experience before marriage.

60.  A.  Even if I had money, I would not care to associate with flighty persons like those in the "jet set."
B.  I could conceive of myself seeking pleasures around the world with the "jet set."

61.  A.   I like people who are sharp and witty even if they do sometimes insult others.
B.  I dislike people who have their fun at the expense of hurting others.

62.  A.  Almost everything enjoyable is illegal or immoral.
B.  The most enjoyable things are perfectly legal and moral.

63.  A.  A good painting should shock or jolt the senses.
B.  A good painting should give one a feeling of peace and security.

64.  A.  There is altogether too much portrayal of sex and violence in movies.
B.  I enjoy watching many movies with sex and violence

65.  A.  I do not enjoy discussion where people get so "heated up" they end up insulting each other.
B.  I enjoy a heated intellectual argument even if people sometimes get upset.

66.  A.  I feel best after taking a couple of drinks.
B.  Something is wrong with people who need liquor to feel good.

67.  A.  People who ride motorcycles must have some kind of an unconscious need to hurt themselves.
B.  I would like to drive or ride on a motorcycle.

68.  A.  People should dress according to some standards of taste, neatness, and style.
B.  People should dress in individual ways even if the effects are sometimes strange.

69.  A.  Sailing long distances in small sailing crafts is foolhardy.
B.  I would like to sail a long distance in a small but seaworthy sailing craft.

70.  A.  I have no patience with dull or boring persons.
B.  I find something interesting in almost every person I talk with.

71.  A.  Skiing fast down a high mountain slope is a good way to end up on crutches.
B.  I think I would enjoy the sensations of skiing very fast down a high mountain slope.

72.  A.  I prefer people who are calm and even tempered.
B.  I prefer people who are emotionally expressive even if they are a bit unstable.