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Developmental Scrapbook Lesson Plan

The Changing Me 


Project– Developmental Psychology Scrapbook

1. Project Explanation-This project will be a developmental scrapbook charting your development from birth to present. Using six (6) theories of development your task will be to compile a record of and explain your personal development in each theory.

2. Scrapbook Explanation– This project will be presented in the form of a scrapbook. The scrapbook will contain pictures, stories, and comments from parents, siblings, and other significant figures in your life. If possible, concrete examples such as drawings, written work, etc. should be included. Accompanying each entry will be a written description of how the entry illustrates your life in that particular stage of the theory. The scrapbook should be chronological, colorful and creative! It should also reflect academically accurate information consistent with research on child development.

3. Developmental Theories– The scrapbook will cover your life through the six designated theories. These are physical and motor, emotional, psychosocial, moral, intellectual/cognitive, and psychosexual. There must be a minimum of 30 entries in the scrapbook with a minimum of five (5) entries per chapter. For each theory/chapter you must have two entries which are stories, comments or other concrete examples. This means that if you only have the minimum five entries per chapter, only three should be photos. Hopefully, this will not be a concern as you will have many more than five per chapter!

4. Timeframe and Assessment– This assignment is worth 150 points. It will serve as a personal memento and voyage of self-discovery. The assignment CANNOT be done in a short period of time, so quality time over a long period must be devoted to it!

The Scrapbook is due: Tuesday February 25th