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WWI Lesson Plan

U.S. Entry into the War Lesson Plan

The United States Enters WWI



8.4.12. A. Evaluate the significance of individuals and groups who made major political and cultural contributions to world history since 1450    

  • Political and Military Leaders

8.4.12. D. Evaluate how conflict and cooperation among social groups and organizations impacted world history from 1450 to Present



  1. Students will be able to explain why the United States entered World War I
  2. Students will have an appreciation of the sacrifices Americans made for the war effort
  3. Students will be able to define The Lever Food and Fuel Control Act


Subject Matter: Lusitania, Sussex, Zimmerman telegram, Espionage Act, Sedition Act, American Expeditionary Force, Bolsheviks



  1. Newspaper task sheet
  2. Power Point presentation
  3. Lecture notes



  1. Set
    1. Questions from day before about submarine warfare
  2. Lecture
    1. United States entry into WWI

                                                               i.      Lusitania

                                                             ii.      Sussex

    1. Presidential election of 1916

                                                               i.      Wilson vs. Hughes

                                                             ii.      Came down to CA

    1. Unrestricted submarine warfare renewed
    2. Zimmerman telegraph

                                                               i.      German minister to German minister in Mexico

                                                             ii.      Outraged Public

    1. Declaration of War
    2. Support of the War

                                                               i.      War bonds

                                                             ii.      Committee on Public Information

    1. Espionage Act
    2. Sedition Act
    3. Alvin C York

                                                               i.      Decorated soldier

    1. African Americans

                                                               i.      369th infantry regiments

                                                             ii.      Longest regiment in combat

    1. Women

                                                               i.      Enlisted in Navy and Marines

                                                             ii.      Red Cross

    1. American Expeditionary Force 

                                                               i.      John J Pershing

                                                             ii.      First Americans in France

    1. Battle of Meuse Argonne
  1. Assign World War I Newspaper assignment
  2. Debrief
    1. Who were the first Americans in Europe?
    2. What was the Zimmerman telegraph?
  3. Close
    1. What led Americans to war?



  1. Class participation
  2. Newspaper project